Mike & Anne-Brigitte Taliaferro

Lead Evangelist & Women's Ministry Leader

Mike and Anne-Brigitte Taliaferro have been in San Antonio since 2003. Mike serves as the Lead Evangelist, and Anne-Brigitte as the Senior Women’s Ministry Leader. They have directed churches in the United States, Brazil, and several African countries. Mike speaks Portuguese well and French badly. Anne-Brigitte is fluent in both. The Taliaferro’s lived in Africa for 14 years helping to plant churches in over 40 nations. They have three sons and a wonderful daughter-in-law, and are avid Spurs fans. Mike rides a Kawasaki, but only to save on gas.

Hervé & Janet Fleurant
West Region

Hervé serves as an Evangelist and Janet as a Women’s Ministry Leader. They have overseen churches in the Caribbean and in East and West Africa. Hervé is fluent in French and Spanish and Janet is fluent in French. They have four children and lived and served in Africa for 14 years.

Jeff & Amanda Henderson

North Region & Singles

Jeff & Amanda serve as Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader. They have been married since 2011. Jeff was born and raised in Seattle and moved to San Antonio in 2006. Amanda is a native Texan, born and raised in Houston, but moved to San Antonio in 2010. Both Jeff & Amanda graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio and served with our campus ministry for many years.  They have two young daughters, Millicent and Juniper, and are thrilled to now serve with the marrieds in the North region as well as in the Singles.  Jeff & Amanda dream of serving as missionaries in Africa one day.

Nate & Waldina Bigbee

Young Professionals & South Region

Nate and Waldina serve as Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader. They have been happily married since 2012. Nate moved to San Antonio in 2008 and Waldina in 2012. They currently lead in the South Region of the church, the Singles, and the Young Professionals ministries. Waldina speaks fluent Spanish, Nate does not. Nate and Waldina love the outdoors and building things around the house in their free time.

Nicholas & Josie Ziegler

San Antonio Alpha Omega Campus Ministry

Nick and Josie serve as Campus Ministry Leaders in San Antonio. Nick got his degree in Engineering from Virginia Tech and moved to San Antonio in 2013. Josie moved to San Antonio shortly after graduating with her Bachelors in Graphic Design from the University of Kansas in 2015. The two have been married since 2017. They currently lead the Alpha Omega Campus Ministry in San Antonio including UTSA, NW Vista Community College, San Antonio College and Trinity University. Nick and Josie love hammocking, hiking, and adventuring with their campus students around the city. Nick is quite the handy-man and disc-golfer, and Josie is an avid home decorator and thrifter.

Zeke & Katelynn Torres

Youth & Family Ministry Leaders

Zeke & Katelynn serve as Youth & Family Ministry Leaders in San Antonio, TX. Zeke was born and raised in San Antonio, while Katelynn was born in New London, CT but raised in the beautiful city of San Diego, CA. Zeke graduated from Texas A&M with his degree in City Planning and is quite the Aggie and Katelynn graduated from SDSU with her degree in Statistics. They have been happily married since April 2018, and are in no rush to have kids. Katelynn enjoys scented candles at home, drinking a hot cup of tea with friends, and yoga. Zeke loves backpacking, soccer, disc golf and good cup of coffee.     

Tacho & Hannah Coronado

San Antonio Alpha Omega Campus Ministry

Tacho and Hannah serve as full-time Campus Ministry interns in San Antonio, TX. Their primary campus is Northwest Vista, but they also serve at the Univeristy of Texas at San Antonio. Tacho was baptized in the campus ministry his freshman year of college. He graduated with a degree in Psychology from UTSA in May, 2017. Tacho also serves on the worship team as an instrumentalist and vocalist. Hannah moved with her family to San Antonio from Johannesburg, South Africa in January, 2014. She received her degree from UTSA in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. They have been married since June, 2017. Together, they enjoy touring San Antonio’s local restaurants and coffee shops. Tacho’s hobbies include music, reading, fitness and sports. Hannah enjoys spending time with her corgi, thrifting, and is known for being a “foodie.”